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Jade embodies the spirit of Flash Couriers, combining her family heritage with a passion for customer service and brand development. As the owners daughter she possess a deep understanding of the companies values and a strong desire to see the company flourish. 

She is pictured here with her fiancé Antun, who also works with us and picks up any interstate deliveries. 

Together, they have three beautiful children – Natalija, Ariana and Luka.

Brooke & Ibrahim 

Brooke brings a dynamic energy  to her role as Interstate manager. Brooke has a deep-rooted understanding of the companies mission and a strong drive to ensure seamless interstate deliveries. 

Some colleagues might find Brookes 3am gym routine a bit.... enthusiastic, but there is no denying her dedication to both physical and professional excellence. 

Her husband Ibrahim teams up with Metin to allocate all of your couriers. He does not live a healthy lifestyle and loves a good meat pie in the morning. 


Together they have four children – Levi, Zane, Ivy and Cruz.



Kaysha brings a unique blend of financial expertise and family legacy to her role as Financial Controller. 

 As a mother of five (yes five) she understands the importance of effficiency and is adept at managing multiple priorities. 

Pictured here with her husband Raffaele and children Madison, Brooklyn, Alexander, Zara and Sophia Jade


 Metin & Denice 

Metin and Denice are childhood sweethearts turned successful business partners are the driving force behind Flash. Their love story and entrepreneurial spirit are woven into the very fabric of the company. Together they have three children and twelve grandchildren. 

Metin with his keen eye for logistics oversees the allocation of local couriers ensuring smooth and efficient deliveries. Denice, the heart of the team nourishes not just the companies success but also our staff with her delicious culinary skills as the resident office chef



We are thrilled to have Daniel join the Flash team as our Brand Development Manager. With a passion for brand strategy and a proven track record of success in the logistics industry Daniel was the perfect choice

Daniel is dedicated to elevating Flash Couriers brand presence in the Sydney market 

Daniel is a ocean lover who enjoys free diving. He has a beautiful wife named Tahlia and three children. 


Tom is our allocator. He ensures all your deliveries are delivered on time.

Pictured with his beautiful wife Mogi and two boys name TJ and Tengis.  


Trent is our junior allocator and Metin and Denice's nephew. Trent is enthusiastic and often mistaken for a voice recorded message. 

His wife Jordi and Trent have a beautiful baby girl named Hallie Jade, named after Jade in our office.

Trent and Jordi are expecting a baby boy due September. 



Aaron, Trents older brother by 20 minutes looks after all of your interstate bookings and bookings made via the phone. 


Aaron recently got engaged to the love his life, Karen. Pictured is their 'fur baby' Snoop. Yes I am being serious, they call themselves parents to snoop



Annabelle (pictured left), also known as Agnes is our young fire cracker.


Annabelle's dad works next door to us  for the past ten years. We have seen Annabelle grow up into the capable young woman she is today. When she finished high school she had no choice than to join our team 

Her shortfall, she wears sneakers as going out shoes :) 


Brittney is Jades niece (on Antuns side). She is an avid traveller spending most of her time backpacking Europe. She goes for the Parramatta Eels, but lets not hold that against her 


Brittney is training to become our latest account manager and will be your first contact for any queries 



Trish (pictured left) is the newest Flash member to join the team. Keeping with the family, she is Kaysha's sister in law. 

Trish will be taking phone bookings and helping Kaysha in accounts receivable




Zaney is Brooke and Ibrahims second child. He was our firecracker, wild child who lightened a room just by entering it. Zaney was always full of questions and the most loving boy you could meet. 

In October 2017 Zane was hit by a car, ending his life.


Through organ donation Zane went on to save five peoples lives, turning him into the superheroes he had always looked up too.

Brooke and Ibrahim were so impressed with Westmead Children's Hospital that they organised a GoFundMe and raised over $90,000. 

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